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Recycling Questions

  • Are there restrictions or guidelines when preparing waste for pickup?
    To ensure your waste is collected: -Place your cart(s) out on the side of the road by 7am on your designated collection day, or the night before. -Please do not hide your carts. Be sure not to place it behind an obstruction. Please place them where they can clearly be seen from the road.
  • What do I do if I missed my pickup?
    Call the office at 508-234-2920. We can schedule and arrange an extra pickup for both trash or recycling.
  • Can I put yard waste in my curbside trash?
    No, you cannot. You may utilize our transfer station at 279 Douglas Rd, Whitinsville MA to dispose of yard waste, stumps, leaves, and brush.
  • Can I put all garbage on my curb for pickup?
    No, there are restrictions as to what can and can't be placed at the curb for waste disposal. All non-recyclable or compostable materials are accepted at the curb except: -Liquids -Wet paint -Oil -Gas -Mercury -Combustible Items -Explosive items -Corrosive items -Flammable items -Radioactive items -Toxic items -Biomedical items -Electronic items -Construction or demolition materials -Oversized items All of the items listed above require special disposal methods.
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