Curbside Recycling

Recycling can be added to your curbside pickup service in Northbridge, Uxbridge and Upton. There is a fee for the cart. 
See the Schedule for pickup/drop-off days.
All allowable recyclables listed below can also be brought to the transfer station at your convenience.
Any non-recyclables can also be brought to the transfer station for disposal.

Single Stream Recycling - You don't have to separate recyclables into separate containers!

For More Info:

Please contact for more info or details​

Items Not Recyclable
  • Scrap Metal

  • Wood & Particle Board

  • Needles or Syringes

  • Window Panes

  • Mirrors

  • Ceramics

  • Pyrex Dishware

  • Plastics other than those listed

  • Plastic Bags

  • Bubble Wrap

  • Spray Cans

  • Pain

  • Pesticides

  • Oil & Cleaners

  • Clothing

  • Carpet

  • Lightbulbs

  • Pizza Boxes

  • Waxed Paper / Waxed Cardboard

  • Styrofoam or Paper-to-go Containers

  • Organic Material & Food Waste

  • Electronics Waste (Batteries, Cell Phones, Computers, etc.)