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Our Transfer Station

Its easy to bring your own items to dispose at Tom Berkowitz's Trucking Transfer Station

The Transfer Station Operating Hours Are:

Monday - Friday:  8am - 4pm

Saturday: 8am - 12noon

*Please Note: If using the scale, arrive 15 mins before closing time.

Pay By Weight

Most items are charged easily by Weight
Simply use our drive-on scale

Flat-Rate Items

Some items are charged a flat rate, such as appliances. These items will be a separate charge, and will be charged in addition to the weight.

  • All Appliances

  • TV/Computer

  • Mattress/Box Spring (plus weight)

  • Battery

  • Propane tank

  • Tires with and without rims

  • Hot water Tank

Bring your own Trash & other disposables to our Transfer Station.
Easily pay by weight or item


Drop Off Trash

Bring your Recyclables to our Transfer Station.
See the Recycling page for more info.


Drop Off Recyclables

How-To For Scale

  • Drive out back with your vehicle, and drive on the scale. Stop at the Scale House (Do Not drive out back to the transfer station yet!) [Get Directions]

  • Once we weigh you, drive out back to the Transfer Station for disposal

  • Drive back on scale to weigh-out and pay.

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